THE FOURTH, interactive news portal is the first venture from Time Square Communication Network Pvt Ltd

In this time of ‘post truth’ these media outlets seek to reinvent the ethical journalism by sticking to fact based reporting.

We THE FOURTH have unflinching commitment to the Constitution of India and imbibe constitutional values. Our team is handpicked for their impeccable integrity. We are not a studio centred news outlet but rather driven by people’s hopes, and their struggle for a better life.

The Fourth has no affiliation with any political ideology or special interest group or any religious groups. Our commitment is to the people and the constitutional values of this country

It is an infotainment hub with a focus on investigative journalism and interactive content.

The Fourth gives thrust to report stories on social issues innovative farming and agricultural practices, agro projects in co –operative sector, environmental issues, global warming, climate mitigation, healthcare, child care and education, business, travel and tourism, rural life, law, wildlife and forestry, women empowerment, international affairs all delivered in easy to understand format.

Politics determines our society. We at The Fourth understand the importance of politics in a democratic society. But politics to The Fourth is not partisan party politics. Though we will try to uncover the machinations of parties vying for power, our focus will be on people, their struggle, and most importantly to deepen the democratic culture in the society

Our team includes reporters, editors, producers, designers who have proved their mettle in their respective fields.

Headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala the Fourth has offices in all districts of Kerala and major metros in the country

The Fourth